March 2024 Updates: Enhancements and Fixes Galore

March 2024 Updates: Enhancements and Fixes Galore

Greetings CARLUEX Community,

We're thrilled to announce the latest updates for March 2024, packed with enhancements and fixes to elevate your in-car experience. Let's delve into the key improvements introduced in version 0321:

Version Update Highlights:

  1. HDMI TV Split-Screen Unsupported: We've implemented a fix to ensure that HDMI TV does not support split-screen functionality, providing a more streamlined viewing experience.

  2. Optimized One-Click Split-Screen Function: Enjoy improved usability with enhancements to the one-click split-screen function, allowing for smoother multitasking.

  3. Resolved 6490 Occasional Freezing Issue: Say goodbye to intermittent freezing with the resolution of the occasional freezing issue on model 6490.

  4. Protocol Fix: Synchronize Time to Instrument Panel: We've fixed a protocol issue to ensure seamless synchronization of time with the instrument panel.

  5. Support for OEM Default Widget Option: Customize your experience with support for OEM default widget options, giving you greater control over your CARLUEX interface.

  6. Resolved Chevrolet Connectivity Issue: Connectivity issues with Chevrolet vehicles have been resolved, ensuring seamless integration with your CARLUEX device.

  7. Updated YouTube, Netflix, Disney: Enjoy the latest content with updates to YouTube, Netflix, and Disney apps, providing you with access to a world of entertainment on the go.

  8. Resolved Navigation Audio Issues, Volkswagen Connectivity: Say goodbye to navigation audio distortion and connectivity issues with models from Nio, Volkswagen, and other brands.

  9. Compatibility with Nissan Juke Connectivity: Connect effortlessly with Nissan Juke models, expanding compatibility for a wider range of vehicles.

  10. Fixed Audio Issues, Enhanced Media Controls: Enjoy uninterrupted audio with fixes for sound problems on Ford Ranger and media control button improvements for Toyota Yaris Cross.

  11. Resolved Mercedes-Benz OFN Input Mode Issue: Switch between tracks seamlessly with fixes for track switching issues in Mercedes-Benz vehicles using the OFN input mode.

  12. Resolved BYD Connectivity and Return-to-Origin Car Freeze Issue: Connect effortlessly with BYD models and say goodbye to freezing issues when returning to the original car interface.

  13. Automatic Left-Right Steering Switch: Experience improved driving dynamics with automatic left-right steering switching.

These updates are designed to provide you with a seamless and enjoyable driving experience. Download the latest version now and take your driving experience to new heights.




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