CARLUEX GO 2023-0412 Upgrade

CARLUEX GO 2023-0412 Update CarLuex

We are excited to announce a new update for our CARLUEX GO device! This version (0412) includes several improvements and fixes based on customer feedback.

Here are the main updates:

  1. Adapted control buttons for WhatsApp calls: You can now answer or end calls from the buttons on your steering wheel or center console, without having to use your phone.

  2. Optimized display for Android Auto: We have enhanced the user interface and resolved some known issues that could cause freezes or delays.

  3. Refined audio interaction logic: We have updated the sound feedback and interaction between the CARLUEX GO and your car's audio system, so that you can enjoy seamless music playback or voice commands.

To update your device, please download HERE the firmware package: 

Please note that you will need a TF card and a card reader to complete the update. You can find detailed instructions in our support page or contact us if you have any questions.

We hope that this update will further enhance your driving experience with the CARLUEX GO. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions to continue improving our products. Thank you for choosing CARLUEX!


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