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How Can I Set the Language on CARLUEX PRO+?

How Can I Set the Language on CARLUEX PRO+?

To set the language on your CARLUEX PRO+, follow these steps:

  1. Access the settings menu.
  2. You can either search for "language" directly or navigate to the "System" section.
  3. Go into "Language & Input."
  4. To add a new language, click on "Add a language." You can also rearrange the order of languages by dragging them, which will change the system language.

In addition to this, CARLUEX PRO+ provides further language customization options:

  • Set different languages for supported apps using "App Languages."
  • Configure your preferred keyboard language layout.
  • Explore other language-related settings to customize your language preferences to your liking.

CARLUEX PRO+ offers flexibility in language customization to enhance your user experience.


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Leung Wai Nam

Leung Wai Nam

how to change the language of the carluex pro as there is a language password required



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