Elevate Your Drive with the New UI Update for CARLUEX PRO+

Elevate Your Drive with the New UI Update for CARLUEX PRO+

Hey CARLUEX Community,

Big news – we’ve just rolled out an exciting new update for the CARLUEX PRO+ interface, and it’s all thanks to you! Your invaluable feedback has inspired us to revamp the UI, making your driving experience smoother, more intuitive, and visually appealing. Ready to upgrade your journey? Let’s dive into what’s new and how you can get it.


Introducing the New UI

The latest UI enhancement focuses on delivering a more user-friendly experience. We’ve refined the aesthetics for a modern look and feel, ensuring that the interface is not only more attractive but also more intuitive. Whether you’re navigating through your favorite apps, switching between CarPlay and Android Auto, or accessing your media, the new UI is designed to make every interaction seamless.

Upgrading to the New UI

For those on version 0321, upgrading couldn't be easier. Simply connect your CARLUEX PRO+ device to your vehicle, and use the Updater App to perform the upgrade directly in your car – it’s an instant boost to your in-car tech experience.

If your device runs on a version older than 0321, follow these simple steps:
1. Download the Update: Use the link provided here to download the update package to your computer.
2. Prepare Your TF Card: Transfer the downloaded package to a TF card.
3. Start the Upgrade: Insert the TF card into your CARLUEX PRO+ device, then connect it to your vehicle. The device will automatically initiate the upgrade process.

Experience the Difference

Once updated, you’ll immediately notice the difference. Every aspect of the interface has been thoughtfully redesigned to enhance your interaction with your vehicle’s infotainment system. From smoother transitions to quicker access to your favorite features, the new UI is all about elevating your driving experience.

We're Here for You

Our commitment to enhancing your in-car experience is unwavering. This update is a testament to our dedication to listen, improve, and deliver. We’re excited for you to experience the new UI and can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Upgrade today and transform your drive with CARLUEX PRO+. Let’s hit the road to a better, brighter driving experience together.

Happy Driving,

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Hi there, is this update available for the Carluex air, which I have just purchased?
Thank you

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