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CARLUEX PRO+ Full Review: How to Run Full Android in Your Car Video Review

CARLUEX PRO+ Full Review: How to Run Full Android in Your Car Video Review


Want to know how CRD reviewed the CARLUEX wireless carplay adapter product? Next, I will use a few simple sentences to let you understand the content of the entire video. Let's go.


In this video, we are going to be looking at a car Android unit that you can plug into your car and unlock the power of your entertainment system. Your infotainment system needs Apple or Android Auto, and with this unit, you will be able to run pretty much every app that you can on Android.


This one is a little bit different, as they market this as one of the premium boxes available. We'll test it out in this video, do a boot-up speed test, and see how quick it actually is. This is just the first connection, it will get faster later. The unit is currently marketed for around $300 off the website, and we have a discount code on the screen that you can use.


CARLUEX wireless carplay adaptet


Inside the box, you get the unit itself, which has a unique design different from other styles we've seen. It has a memory card slot, a SIM card slot for connectivity, and a slot for power where the USB will go to power up the unit. You also get quick start guides and the power cable.


CARLUEX wireless carplay adapter


Once plugged in, we're looking for the screen to change to Apple or Android Auto, depending on the underlying system. It popped up CarPlay and kicked in after the first boot-up, which takes a bit longer to set the resolution for your car's entertainment system. It says "Press to restart" and the unit has turned on.


CARLUEX wireless carplay adapter


Clicking "Launch the device" brings up the basic operating system. Out of the box, it allows you to load lots of different things like Google apps, Chrome, Google Maps, and the Play Store where you can download effectively any app that you would on Android. There are also pre-installed apps like Music.


The interface is heavily built around customization, so if you were having this unit on display, you can customize things like the ambient lighting. The navigation uses a simple click-wheel type of interface with floating icons for home, back, and app switching buttons.


CARLUEX wireless carplay adapter


To test it out, we'll download a quick application to show how it works. First, you need to connect to WiFi, which can be done by tethering off your phone in the network settings. Once connected, you can go to the Play Store, sign in, and install apps just like on a regular Android device.


CARLUEX wireless carplay adapter


We installed Tempur Run as an example app, and it loaded and ran very quickly and smoothly, demonstrating the performance capabilities of this premium box. Other apps like Google Maps and YouTube also loaded up videos rapidly when tested.


CARLUEX wireless carplay adapter


Finally, to connect to Android Auto, there is an app called "ZLink" where you can connect your phone to the device via Bluetooth. The process is very similar to connecting an iPhone to Apple CarPlay as well.


CARLUEX wireless carplay adapter


Overall, this Android car unit seems to be a high-performance option for unlocking the full capabilities of your car's infotainment system to run all your favorite Android apps and services smoothly.


If you are also interested in this video, you can go to the CRD channel to check out this video. CRD is a very responsible influencer, and the videos he shoots are also great. If you are also interested, you can choose to subscribe to his channel to learn more.




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