CARLUEX for BMW version 2023-09 Upgrade: Enhanced Features and Fixes

CARLUEX for BMW version 2023-09 Upgrade: Enhanced Features and Fixes
We're excited to announce a new update for CARLUEX for BMW version that brings several improvements and fixes to enhance your in-car experience. Here's a detailed look at the update log:

1. Improved Auto-Reconnect Functionality:
We've optimized the auto-reconnect feature to ensure a more seamless connection between your device and your BMW. Say goodbye to frustrating connection drops and enjoy uninterrupted usage.

2. Fixed Display Issues on Some ID8 Models:
Certain ID8 vehicle models were experiencing display anomalies. This update addresses these issues, ensuring a consistent and visually pleasing interface across all compatible vehicles.

3. Resolved Automatic Disconnection in Some Models:
Users were encountering unexpected automatic disconnections during use. We've identified and fixed the underlying issue to provide a more stable connection experience.

4. Faster Startup for Wired CarPlay:
We've improved the startup speed for wired CarPlay connections, so you can get up and running even quicker when you connect your device to your BMW.

5. Default Desktop Display for YT Music:
We've listened to your feedback, and now the default desktop display will showcase YT Music, making it easier for you to access your favorite music content.

6. Added "Do Not Show Again" Option at Startup:
We've introduced a new option during startup that allows you to choose whether to display certain reminders. This puts you in control of your CARLUEX experience.

7. Fixed UI Distortion on ID8 Resolution (2660x810):
Some users with ID8 displays at a specific resolution were experiencing interface distortion. This update ensures that the interface appears correctly without any stretching or deformities.

8. APK Updates:
- Disney+
- Netflix
- YouTube
- APKPure

9. Synchronized Fix for Main Player Control Issue:
Some users reported issues with controlling playback on the main player. This update synchronizes a fix to ensure that you can easily navigate your music or media library.

10. Optimized YouTube Playback Interface:
The YouTube playback interface has been improved to make better use of the "Back" button for smoother navigation while enjoying your favorite videos.

To access the latest update, please visit the following link: [Update Version 0909]

We value your feedback and are committed to providing you with the best possible experience. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to ensure your BMW is equipped with the latest and greatest technology.

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When can we get full screen for ID8.5??? I spend so much money on this awesome product but useless in new i4!!!



Hallo Team,
Disney + kann ich nicht aktualisieren und abspielen tut es auch nicht weil er die aktuelle Version haben möchte. Wie mach ich das??

Lévai Antal

Lévai Antal

When will the new curved display (ID 8, and ID8.5) have a full screen image? Thanks!

Jonathan Attwood

Jonathan Attwood

I’ve downloaded the ZIP file from the link above. Does it need extracting to the root of the TF card, or do I just put the ZIP file on the TF card? (Also, what happens with the zero bytes file called “upgrade_auto”?)



Hi Sebastian, Bitte nutzen Sie einen Computer und legen Sie eine Micro-TF-Karte ein, um die gesamte Installationspaketdatei herunterzuladen. Legen Sie dann die TF-Karte in die CARLUEX BMW BOX ein und bringen Sie sie zum Auto. Die Aktualisierung wird automatisch gestartet.

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