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How to Watch YOUTUBE or NETFLIX in your CAR Video Review

CARLUEX wireless carplay adapter

Okay guys, today let's take a look at how LifeOfRaul reviews CARLUEX. Without further ado, let's go.




CARLUEX AIR is a very useful device, a Tesla-like device that provides video streaming apps such as YouTube and Netflix for your in-car entertainment system. In addition, CARLUEX AIR also allows you to surf the internet, download apps and games in the car. If you want to enjoy a better entertainment experience in the car, then CARLUEX AIR is definitely a worthy choice.


CARLUEX is an innovative in-car device that brings a new in-car entertainment experience to car owners. It is essentially an Android set-top box, but unlike a regular set-top box, it is specifically optimized and customized for the in-car environment. The biggest highlight of this device is that it can run the Android system on the in-car entertainment system, thus unlocking unlimited possibilities. As long as the in-car system has Apple CarPlay functionality and a touchscreen, you can connect CARLUEX to the USB port and immediately open the door to the Android world.



CARLUEX wireless carplay adapter


How to install CARLUEX AIR?


The installation process of CARLUEX AIR is very simple. First, insert the USB end of CARLUEX AIR into the USB port of your in-car entertainment system. Then, CARLUEX AIR will automatically recognize and connect to your in-car entertainment system.



CARLUEX wireless carplay adapter


How to use CARLUEX AIR?


Once CARLUEX AIR is connected to your in-car entertainment system, you can start using it. There are many pre-installed apps on the home screen of CARLUEX AIR, such as YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix. In addition, you can also install other apps on CARLUEX AIR. More importantly, you can also access the Google Play Store and download any Android apps and games you like, just as conveniently as on your phone or tablet.




The design of the product is very user-friendly, and you can customize the layout of the home screen according to your personal preferences and add shortcuts to frequently used apps. In addition, it also provides a Tesla-like circular roller interface for easy operation while driving. If there are multiple USB ports in the car, you can also hide the entire device in the glove box and take it out only when needed.



CARLUEX wireless carplay adapter


Surfing the Internet


One of the great benefits of using CARLUEX is the ability to freely surf the internet in the car. Unlike some other products that can only run specific apps, it supports a full web browsing experience, opening any website just like on a computer, and using your social media accounts in the car.


Installing Apps


You can install other apps on CARLUEX AIR, such as HBO Max, ESPN, and Amazon Prime Video.



CARLUEX wireless carplay adapter


Watching YouTube and Netflix


Of course, watching videos and playing games are also one of its main uses. Whether it's watching the latest videos on YouTube, or watching TV shows and movies on Netflix, or playing popular mobile games like "Clash of Clans", CARLUEX can provide you with an immersive entertainment experience.


It's worth mentioning that CARLUEX has in-depth cooperation with Google, so it can seamlessly integrate with the Android ecosystem. This not only means that you can download a variety of apps, but also enjoy other services provided by Google, such as map navigation and voice assistants.


In general, CARLUEX injects new vitality into traditional in-car entertainment systems, freeing car owners from limited functionality. With it, your car has a powerful Android tablet that can unleash the potential of entertainment and work. For car owners who like personalized and innovative experiences, CARLUEX is definitely a high-quality product worth considering.


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CARLUEX wireless carplay adapter
CARLUEX wireless carplay adapter

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