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Will This Work in My Car?

Will This Work in My Car?

The CARLUEX GO/PRO/PRO+ work on the vehicles listed below. If you prefer to search your specific year, make, model, you can do so on our Compatibility Quiz.

Audi 2016-2023
Buick 2018-2023
Cadillac 2016-2023
Chevrolet 2016-2023
Chrysler 2017-2023
Dodge 2017-2023
Fiat 2017-2023
Ford 2017-2023
Genesis 2018-2023
GMC 2017-2023
Honda 2018-2023
Hyundai 2016-2023
Jaguar 2019-2023
Jeep 2018-2023
Kia 2017-2023
Land Rover 2019-2023
Lincoln 2017-2023
Mazda 2018-2023
Mini 2018-2023
Mercedes Benz 2016-2023
Nissan 2018-2023
Peugeot 2017-2023
Porsche 2017-2023
Ram 2018-2023
Seat 2017-2023
Skoda 2018-2023
Toyota 2019-2023
Volkswagen 2016-2023
Volvo 2019-2023

*Vehicle must have WIRED CarPlay*

*If you own a BMW vehicle, please check out our CARLUEX for BMW version.

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