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Choosing the Right Product for You

Choosing the Right Product for You
We offer a range of products to cater to your specific needs. Here are some options to consider:

1. **CARLUEX GO:** Ideal for those who want to transition from wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to a more convenient wireless experience. Enjoy features like Netflix, YouTube, phone casting, and USB playback in your vehicle. Please note that wireless operation eliminates the need for physical phone-to-car USB cable connections.

2. **CARLUEX PRO+:** For a more extensive selection of applications and enhanced convenience, the CARLUEX PRO+ is a great choice. It offers faster response times, superior performance, and access to the Google Play Store for limitless app downloads, providing an exceptional in-car experience.

3. **CARLUEX for BMW:** Designed exclusively for BMW owners, this version allows you to enjoy apps like YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Chrome, TikTok, and more in your car. It features a custom UI tailored for BMW users, enabling app downloads from the Google Play Store. Please note that this specialized version lacks three features compared to CARLUEX PRO/PRO+: WiFi connectivity (internet access via a 2/3/4G SIM card only), phone mirroring, and quick switching to Apple CarPlay.

Choose the CARLUEX product that aligns with your specific vehicle and desired features for an enhanced and tailored in-car experience.

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