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Carluex Air CarPlay AI Media Adapter UNBOXING REVIEW Video Review

CARLUEX wireless carplay adapter

Okay, guys. Let's take a look at how Ministry of Reviews by Schaz evaluated the CARLUEX wireless Carplay adapter brand.


The CARLUEX wireless CarPlay electronics is a mid-range budget car multimedia electronics under the brand. Although it is positioned in the mid-range, it has complete functions and can effectively improve the driving entertainment experience. It uses the Android system, supports wireless CarPlay and Android Auto projection, can download third-party applications, and has a variety of practical functions. It is a cost-effective product.


Product Overview


This model is called CARLUEX wireless CarPlay electronics, which belongs to the mid-range budget model in the CARLUEX series. Its main selling point is to support wireless CarPlay and Android Auto wireless projection, and use the Android system to download third-party applications, which greatly improves the driving entertainment experience. The packaging box contains the main unit, user manual, USB cable and other basic accessories.



CARLUEX wireless carplay adapter


Appearance Design and Interface


In terms of appearance design, these electrical appliance adopts a compact and lightweight car model shape, with a black body that complements the interior environment of the car. It is small in size and light in weight, making it easy to install and carry. In terms of interfaces, it is equipped with a Type-C power interface, a USB-A interface (for storage/charging), and LED indicators. The overall design is compact and portable, making it very suitable for in-vehicle use scenarios.


System Interface and Operating Experience


These electronics is equipped with the Android system, the system interface is simple and generous, and the layout is reasonable. The startup speed is relatively fast, and it only takes about 35 seconds to enter the main page, which is quite good for in-vehicle devices. Of course, this is the first time to enter, and it will be faster the second and third time. The home page has common function shortcuts such as application icons, voice assistants, settings options, and time display, which are clear at a glance. Users can add commonly used applications to the favorites folder to improve efficiency. The overall operating experience is smooth and natural, without any delays.


Application Testing and Multimedia Experience


Due to the use of the Android system, users can freely install third-party applications on these electronics through the Play store or by installing APK files, and the application ecosystem is very rich. The reviewer tested popular applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Waze, and IPTV, and found that although there was a small delay of 1-2 seconds in the first launch, the running status was good, and 1080P high-definition videos could be played smoothly, and the viewing experience was good. The picture synchronization is also very good, and the audio and video are completely synchronized.



CARLUEX wireless carplay adapter


In addition, these electronics also supports advanced multimedia functions such as picture-in-picture and split screen. In picture-in-picture mode, two applications can be opened simultaneously, one window plays video, and the other window does other things, which is very practical and convenient. The split screen mode can split the screen in half, and run different applications on the left and right sides at the same time, greatly improving work efficiency.


Wireless Projection Experience


Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto are a major highlight and selling point of these electronics. During the review process, successful wireless connections were established with iPhones and Samsung phones respectively, and the interfaces of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto were displayed smoothly, and the projection experience was good, with no significant difference from ordinary wired connections.


Specifically, after connecting to CarPlay, you will enter the familiar CarPlay interface, and you can use in-vehicle map navigation, send and receive Messages, control music playback, etc. The operating logic is consistent with that of the mobile phone, and there is no need to adapt. The same is true for Android Auto. The interface is simple and intuitive, and supports Google Map navigation, voice assistants and other functions, which brings great convenience for in-vehicle use of Android phones.


In general, the wireless projection function can restore the mobile phone experience to the greatest extent, eliminating the trouble of wired connections, which is a practical highlight.



CARLUEX wireless carplay adapter


Other Practical Functions


In addition to wireless projection, these electronics also supports Bluetooth mouse/remote control, which can effectively make up for the lack of a touch screen. Users only need to buy a Bluetooth mouse or air mouse remote control, and connect it to the host through the USB interface, and they can control it freely in the car, just like using a computer.


Since there is no built-in WIFI module, these electronics needs to be connected to the Internet through the mobile phone hotspot. The specific method is to connect to the mobile phone hotspot in the settings, and the steps are as simple as connecting to WIFI on an ordinary mobile phone. After connecting to the Internet, you can normally use applications that require the Internet, such as online videos, map navigation, etc.


In addition, this Box also has a built-in GPS module, which supports navigation functions. Users can install Google Maps, in-vehicle navigation and other APPs, and navigate in the car. Due to the use of a GPS module, the navigation positioning will be more accurate.


In general, the addition of various practical functions such as Bluetooth control, hotspot networking, and GPS navigation further enhances the practicality of these electronics, bringing great convenience to the driving entertainment experience.



CARLUEX wireless carplay adapter


To sum up, as a mid-range budget model, the CARLUEX wireless CarPlay electronics has complete functions and excellent experience. The Android system runs smoothly, and mainstream applications and multimedia functions are all available; the wireless CarPlay/Android Auto connection is successful, which greatly improves the in-vehicle use experience; Bluetooth control, hotspot networking, GPS navigation and other practical functions are also bonus points.


For users with limited budgets but who also want to improve their driving entertainment experience, these electronics is definitely a cost-effective choice. If the budget is sufficient, you can also consider other higher-end models of this brand to further enhance the experience. In general, this is a worthy mid-range in-vehicle multimedia electronics product.


In general, the evaluation of Ministry of Reviews by Schaz is very neutral, and the evaluation is also very comprehensive. If you go to his channel, you will find that he takes every product seriously. If you like him too, you can subscribe and check it out.

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