CARLUEX for BMW 2023-06 Upgrade

CARLUEX for BMW 2023-06 Upgrade

Hello everyone!

We are excited to announce a significant update to our CARLUEX for BMW version. This update brings a range of new features, improvements, and fixes designed to enhance user experience and address known issues. Here are the details of the latest CARLUEX for BMW update:

  1. Added C-end IMEI code modification feature: We have introduced a new entry point in the native settings to allow users to modify their IMEI codes conveniently. This feature provides greater flexibility and control over device customization.

  2. Fixed issue with Google Voice Assistant recognition: We have resolved an issue where certain vehicle models experienced difficulties in recognizing Google Voice Assistant. With this fix, users can now seamlessly interact with the voice assistant for enhanced hands-free functionality.

  3. Resolved auto-disconnection from Google Voice Assistant: In some vehicle models, there was an issue where invoking the Google Voice Assistant would automatically disconnect and return to the original car system. We have rectified this problem, ensuring a smooth transition between systems.

  4. Updated Japanese translation: As part of our commitment to language support, we have updated the Japanese translation within CARLUEX for BMW. This update enhances the user experience for our Japanese-speaking customers.

  5. Fixed display issue with third-party APKs on ID8 system: Users with ID8 systems encountered a problem where third-party APKs were displaying only on half of the screen. Our update has addressed this issue, ensuring full-screen visibility for third-party applications.

  6. Synchronized fix for speedometer display issue: Some vehicle models experienced a speedometer display problem, where the speed was not shown accurately. We have synchronized the fix for these models, ensuring accurate speed measurement for a seamless driving experience.

  7. Synchronized fix for speed conversion issue: We have also addressed a speed conversion issue that affected certain vehicle models. The fix ensures that speed calculations and conversions are correctly reflected on the speedometer for accurate and reliable information.

We are continuously working to improve CARLUEX for BMW and provide the best experience for our users. This update brings essential enhancements and fixes, enabling you to enjoy the full potential of your BMW's multimedia system.

To upgrade your device, you can download the upgrade package to your TF card and then insert it into the product. After that, take it to your car and plug it in. The device will automatically begin the upgrade process.

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