CARLUEX for BMW 2023-04 Upgrade

CARLUEX BMW 2023-04 Upgrade CarLuex

We are excited to announce the latest software update for our CARLUEX-BMW device. This update brings significant optimizations and improvements to enhance the user experience and address various issues reported by our valued customers. Here's a summary of the key enhancements included in this update:

  • Enhanced Wired Synchronization:
    • Improved smoothness and responsiveness of sliding gestures and app opening speed.
    • Reduced boot time for faster startup.
    • Optimized device temperature during operation.
  • Fixed "PERMISSIONS DENIED. You can change them in Settings›Apps" pop-up issue after language change.
  • Added forced refresh feature after changing the language.
  • Fixed issue with DPI settings not being remembered after disconnecting the device.
  • Fixed problem where Google voice could not be invoked after multiple device connections.
  • Fixed third-party application update redirection to APKPure and added default permissions.
  • Disabled lock screen function in the native settings.
  • Improved interaction with the original car system for seamless audio integration.
  • Fixed Bluetooth communication display issue with contacts in the phonebook.
  • Optimized device compatibility with various car systems, addressing the issue of automatic connection failure after the car system's firmware update.

We highly recommend all BMW users to install this update to benefit from the improved performance, functionality, and compatibility. The update package is available on our official website for download.


Stay tuned for more exciting updates and enhancements as we strive to provide you with the best possible experience with our BMW device.

To upgrade the newest package, please feel free to download from here.

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Piya Suthinirunkul

Piya Suthinirunkul

How do i update the device via pc

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