April 2024 Updates: Issue Resolutions and Feature Enhancements

April 2024 Updates: Issue Resolutions and Feature Enhancements

Greetings CARLUEX Community,

We are excited to announce the release of a series of exciting updates aimed at enhancing your CARLUEX experience. CARLUEX PRO+ version 0429 and CARLUEX AIR version 0426 are now available. Here are the details of our latest updates:

Version Update Highlights:

Resolved the issue of the inability to use input methods in the small window mode: You can easily use input methods in the small window mode, without any inconvenience in operations.

Updated Disney+ application: Our update includes the latest version of the Disney+ application. You can now enjoy high-quality Disney content and indulge in your favorite movies, series, and animations.

Protocol optimization for sound issues: We have optimized the protocols to improve sound quality. You can now enjoy clearer audio for music, calls, and media content, providing you with an exceptional audio experience.

Enhanced connectivity with 24 Porsche models: We have optimized the connectivity with 24 Porsche models to ensure a more stable and reliable connection experience when pairing and using CARLUEX.

Resolved display issues for certain car models: We have fixed display issues in the CARLUEX interface for specific car models, creating a perfect match between your CARLUEX and your vehicle.

These updates are designed to provide you with a seamless and enjoyable driving experience. Download the latest version now and take your driving experience to new heights.



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Johnny Wong

Johnny Wong

It would be prefect to show up album name and album art in my 2023 Audi Q3 cockpit.

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